FocalPoint System Resources

FocalPoint Brochure
Operations & Maintenance Manual
Installation Guide

System Flow Based Specification
System Volume Based Specification

FocalPoint Tech Sheets----

Construction Review Checklist
Plant Selection 
Design Review Checklist 
Filter Media Bed Size 
Hydraulic Conductivity Test 
Rub-I Infiltrometer Testing

FocalPoint CAD & PDF Detail Drawings----

Gabion Surround Construction Guide
Detailed Cross Section
Observation Maintenance Port
Pipe Connection 
Section X-X 

Gabion Upstream Construction Guide 
Detailed Cross Section 
Observation-Maintenance Port
Pipe Connection 
Section X-X 

Basic Construction Guide
Detailed Cross Section
Section X-X
Pipe Connection
Observation - Maintenance Port

FocalPoint Application Reports----

Birnamwood Drive - Green Roadway
Aguirre & Fields -Parking Lot Retrofit
Kendall Library - Bioretention Retrofit
Kolbe Farms - Low Impact Development 
Copper State Rubber - Installation Video
Aguirre & Fields Parkinglot Retrofit Timelapse


PaveDrain System 

Brochure (2014)
Residential Brochure
PaveDrain System ASTM 
Pre-Con Installation Checklist 
Job Site Installation Checklist
Installation Manual
Maintenance Manual
Product Description
PaveDrain Design Checklist
S6-45 Specification 
PaveDrain permeable paving supported by HydroCAD

PaveDrain Design Details----

Underdrain Section
End of Cap
Curb Sections
Cross Section
2-Layers of Rock
Around Manhole

R-Cell Paving System 


RCell Underdrain System – Details----

RCell Underdrain Porous Pavers
30MM RCell Underdrain Turf Grids

Fibersoils Grass Paving System 


R-Tank Rainwater Harvesting System

R-Tank Rainwater Harvesting Brochure
Installation Guide
Operations & Maintenance
Preconstruction Checklist
Cut Sheet
Tech Sheet Maintenance
Tech Sheet Plan Review
Tech Sheet Operation, Inspection & Maintenance
Tech Sheet Recycled Content Certification
Firestone 45MIL EPDM Specification

R-Tank Detail Drawings----

Single Module 
Single Module H-20
Double Module
Double Module H-20
Triple Module
Triple Module H-20
Quad Module
Quad Module H-20
Penta Module
Penta Module H-20
Internal Sump Wetwell
Inspection Vent Port
External Sump Wetwell
RTank Pipe Connection to Top of Tank
RTank Pipe Connection to Side of Tank