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Ace Fibers™ High Performance Engineered Fibers for Asphalt Durability

IMG_2181-504947-edited.jpgACE Fibers are high performance engineered fibers for asphalt that increase service life, save costs, or a combination of both. Similar to certain fibers successfully used in concrete for decades, ACE Fibers are now used in asphalt to significantly increase performance of new asphalt pavements and overlays. ACE Fibers are 5 times stronger than steel and add strength to asphalt pavement in all directions.



  • 50% Increase in rut resistance
  • 150% Increase in strength
  • 140% Increase crack resistance
  • 290% Increase in fatigue life
  • 150% Increase in thermal crack resistance


  • Individual coated Aramid clips, provide superior control of the Aramid into the mix
  • Provides superior/thorough disbursement of Aramid into the mix
  • Completely dissipates in the mix at a flash temp of 230F;
  • no effect on Aramid once melted


How it Works

ACE Fiber is pure aramid treated with wax. Aramid is a unique fiber with 400,000 psi tensile strength and micro-roots that tenaciously anchor themselves in the bitumen of the asphalt. The wax treatment gives the aramid weight to control delivery into the asphalt mix. The wax melts in the mixing chamber, releasing the fibers at the right time. 

The rooted aramid provides resistance to rutting when asphalt gets hot and tensile strength fro resistance to cracking in cold weather. Any asphalt project can benefit from ACE Fiber including both newly constructed asphalt pravements as well as thin asphalt overlay projects over deteriorated asphalt or concrete.

Use Less, Save More

Up to 33% reduction in thickness of asphalt (at $60 per ton/asphalt, you are saving $20). Design your project to cover the cost of ACE!This savings still compares/equates to control life of road; Covering ace, saving additional dollars and improving life expectancy is a major value proposition. 


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