Area Inlet Protection

By definition, an area inlet is located within an area which drains to it. This means that poorly designed BMPs can create a flooding problem which holds up work on active job sites. Geotextile fabric placed directly under the grate is one of the worst offenders. Since water won’t flow through the fabric readily, flooding in almost any rainfall event is guaranteed. The result is more often than not, removal or puncturing of the fabric by frustrated workers attempting to drain the site. A direct violation of the Clean Water Act, this is one violation that is easily prevented. Fast-flowing, sediment capturing devices like the one described below are ultimately more cost-effective and certainly less likely to land someone in jail.


The Siltsack® IPB mounts under the grate inside the catch basin. It’s made of a permeable geotextile that allows water to pass through but prevents silt and sediment from clogging the drainage system or leaving the site. Over flow holes prevent job site flooding during intense rain events. These units are unobtrusive and out of the way, and their large sediment storage capacity minimizes maintenance.

Available in all standard grate sizes. Custom sizes are available.

describe the image   BMP siltsack   BMP siltsack2


  • Primary or secondary sediment control
  • High flow and regular flow
  • Simple and economical
  • Lightweight and quick to install
  • Reuseable 
  • Curb opening deflector

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The GrateGator® above the grate storm water filter is designed to capture sediment and debris before it enters the storm water system. The GrateGator easily slides over the grate lip and provides a high-flow multidimensional filter that is lightweight, easy to use and reuse. The unit has a low profile and includes a built-in overflow to minimize flooding in significant rain events.

Available in all standard grate sizes. Custom sizes are available.

           BMP grategator    BMP grategator2    BMP grategator3


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use and reuse
  • No stone or sand needed
  • Optional overflows
  • Optional curb inlet filters
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