Construction EcoServices Donates Underground Stormwater Detention System

Posted on Thu, Oct 18, 2018

On September 29th, over 100 volunteers from Construction EcoServices, The Water Environment Federation, Landry Walker High School students, and residences of the Treme neighborhood came together at the Treme Center to modify a large planter box into a high performing stormwater management feature. The project's goal was to create a stormwater management feature that would capture and detain over 9,000 gallons a year of rainwater coming from the roof of the Treme Center that would otherwise go quickly into the drainage system. The Water Environment Federation raised funds for the project, while Construction EcoServices provided the detention system.

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Hunter’s Field - Solving Street Flooding and Pollutants

Posted on Wed, Sep 05, 2018

The Summer of 2018 marks the completion of Seventh Ward’s Playground and Field House, Hunter’s Field. The $1.8 million investment will not only include the clubhouse but additional park improvements, such as landscaping, new street furniture and the addition of a permeable pavement parking lot.

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Construction EcoServices is pleased to announce the hiring of Stormwater Systems Project Manager, Alexia Mader

Posted on Fri, Jul 06, 2018

Houston, TX – July 10th, 2018 – Construction EcoServices is pleased to announce the hiring of our new Stormwater Systems Project Manager, Alexia Mader. Alexia came on board June 4th and is already making a positive impact on our company.

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Construction EcoServices and LCG Host SWM Workshop in Lafayette, LA

Posted on Fri, Jun 15, 2018

The development community is invited to attend the June 26th free stormwater management workshop, hosted by Lafayette Consolidated Government (LCG) and Construction EcoServices. LCG staff will provide attendees with an overview of updates to the UDC and drainage regulations. Industry representatives will review technologies used to successfully control construction site run-off and illustrate how Low Impact Development is being implemented in other cities. Read More

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Green Infrastructure Performance Liability for Contractors and Designers

Posted on Tue, Jun 05, 2018

A major hurdle for a stormwater designer is ensuring the performance of the system after it’s been constructed. It doesn’t matter how good the design looks on paper, if it’s not constructed properly and within specification, the system is bound to clog or fail. In the 16 years that Construction EcoServices (CES) has been in business, we have seen this happen all too often, sometimes at the expense of the design firm or the end user. Those opportunities gave us the chance to learn how to prevent failure and ensure performance. We learned that stormwater management systems for GI need performance criteria, they help establish liability during construction. On a recent project in North Texas, the use of performance specifications prevented the premature failure of a newly installed bioretention system.

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Construction EcoServices Expands Turnkey Services to Central and North Texas

Posted on Mon, Jun 04, 2018

Reliable, consistent and uniform stormwater services, no matter where your projects are!

As you may know, Construction EcoServices has had representation throughout Texas for many years, offering engineer-specified stormwater management solutions. We are pleased to announce that in addition, we are now expanding our Construction Compliance Services (SWPPP) and Post-Construction Stormwater Compliance Services (SWQ/WPAP/SWQMP) to both North (Dallas / Ft Worth) and Central Texas (Austin and San Antonio).

The turnkey model we pioneered for providing construction and post-construction compliance services in Southeast Texas, and now in Central and North Texas, has proven to deliver the highest level of compliance at the lowest possible cost. We are a valued liaison between our clients and regulators, and act as change agents in supporting the best interests of our client-partners as new regulations spread across the state. Differing rules among municipalities and counties create the need for the ongoing development of expertise and relationships to ensure that our clients are compliant everywhere they operate. Developers, general contractors and subcontractors, engineers, architects, landscape architects, property owners and property management firms, as well as regulators, permitting and enforcement agencies all rely on our expertise.

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Shallow Depths and TxDot: A Case for R-Tanks

Posted on Wed, Jul 12, 2017

           Due to strict detention requirements in the City of Houston and Harris County, problems can arise very quickly for groups working through the preliminary engineering stage of a project. With added issues such as a particularly shallow outfall, and TXDOT approval, due diligence is a prerequisite to beginning any such project. One example of a project in which performing due diligence in the beginning stages saved both time and energy was a project presented to Construction EcoServices and a partnering engineering firm. The site needed a solution that could work in a 3.5’ section and detain 21,140 cubic feet in a very condensed area which also happened to outfall into a TXDOT right of way. 

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Texas Christian University Evaluates 3 Pavement Systems for Long Term Performance & Maintenance

Posted on Mon, Jun 12, 2017

Concrete pipe and catch basins has been a common tool for engineers to convey runoff from impervious areas, but traditional grey infrastructure isn’t always the solution. This is a scenario that plays out regularly during downpours in older regions of Fort Worth, especially on Texas Christian University’s (TCU) campus. Flooding in North Texas during 2015 and 2016 made this problem even more apparent, with some areas receiving more than double the average annual rainfall. TCU took steps to solve this problem by taking advantage of next generation Low Impact Development (LID) practices.

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Case Study: Pond Slopes Vegetation

Posted on Tue, May 16, 2017

 A common issue with pond slopes in the greater Houston area is loss of adequate vegetation. Quality vegetation is vital to maintaining a functioning slope as a quality root structure is what keeps all dirt in place.  Langham Creek YMCA was approaching their deadline for their annual Stormwater Quality permit renewal. Being their stormwater consultants for the property, we advised them of the challenges they were experiencing. The issues were lack of adequate vegetation in various areas of their SWQ pond as well as excessive rilling and erosion on the slopes. These conditions would prevent the Engineer from certifying that the pond was in compliance with Harris County regulations and would prevent them from renewing their annual Stormwater Quality permit.

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Detention Ponds: Life After Construction

Posted on Mon, May 15, 2017

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