SWPPP Compliance Assurance Program

For worry-free compliance assurance, we combine our SWPPP Implementation and Documentation services into a Compliance Assurance Program CAP for your site. By doing so, you’re able to effectively transfer the entire SWPPP compliance logistics burden from your shoulders to ours.

Your project’s Compliance Assurance Plan is provided from start-up and filing of the Notice of Intent (NOI) through final stabilization of the site and filing of the Notice of Termination (NOT). Your CAP consists of a comprehensive suite of services that assures compliance on your site.

What are the net results of our Compliance Assurance Program?

Superintendents are burdened with new regulatory compliance requirements seemingly with the start of every new project. Dealing with them on a day-to-day basis is time consuming and it lowers productivity. Our focus on the stormwater compliance component of your project frees your Project Management and Supervisory personnel to focus on generating revenue (and staying on time and under budget) rather than being distracted, sidetracked and often unconsciously running up overhead dealing with the minutiae of compliance.

Our SWPPP business unit was created specifically to provide turnkey TPDES compliance solutions and we deliver those services to the leading General Contractors and Owners in this region. As a result we bring economies of scale, the cost savings inherent in repetitive action, and the focus offered by specialization to bear on your stormwater compliance obligations. The simple fact is that we can provide better compliance more cost-effectively than you can do it yourself.

Lower Costs
Unlike the other drawings in your plan set, the SWPPP drawings aren’t sacred. By law, they were made to be modified during the course of construction to fit the changing needs of the site. On site and on your side, we evaluate project sites to determine what temporary erosion controls are actually necessary to meet your regulatory obligations without wasting time, energy or money. When we find waste, we modify the SWPPP to reflect the realities of the site. In addition, our focus on TPDES/SWPPP issues means we’re qualified to make changes and it means we’re abreast of the latest methods and materials that can make your site controls more cost-effective.

Consistent application of a single set of compliance methods, materials and high visibility compliance components across all your sites pays many dividends. Among them is the ability to create awareness in the minds of regulatory compliance officers that your sites are uniformly and outstandingly compliant. Given their often overwhelming workload, compliance inspections at sites like yours become a low priority. We have proven strategies that can make that happen. Compliance officials win, you win, and the environment wins.

Risk Management
Hiring specialists to insure that full compliance with TPDES regulations is a certainty on every job site limits exposure to potentially devastating fines, possible imprisonment for company officers and the potentially damaging publicity associated with compliance related legal action. It also provides a cushion between you and the enforcement agency involved.

Our team is accountable for all stormwater compliance related issues at your sites. If there’s a problem, there’s no question about where to go for answers. No politics, no finger pointing, no gray areas, no excuses. As one old time Superintendent put it, we give you “one back to pat, one neck to wring.”

Latest Methods and Materials
We thrive on finding that unique new BMP product that drives down total costs and improves overall compliance, and we devote quite a bit of time and effort to doing so. We’ve introduced slice-inserted silt fence, under-grate area inlet IBPs, reusable curb inlet IPBs, synthetic hay bales, floculant infuse wattles and others filled with heavy-weight recycled tire chunks, and a variety of other new BMP products to Texas. It pays off for our clients in lower maintenance costs and greater confidence when the regulatory compliance officer stops by for a visit.

Just in Time – But Ahead of the Curve
As compliance enforcement ratchets up, the weight of the compliance burden grows. You only have other states where these regulations were localized several years ahead of Texas to see where we’re headed. Look at the history in other high visibility states. The time to implement a strategy that delivers consistent compliance is now.

A systematic approach, a reliable, experienced team that takes the SWPPP logistics burden off your shoulders, what could make your life more simple? One call. One point of contact. New project launches simplified. Compliance simplified. Compliance assured.

Expertise on Call
We make it our business to know what’s important to compliance officials and what’s not — and we’ll be there when you have questions, or when having the right relationship is important to resolving a problem.

So how does it actually work?