Perimeter Control

Silt Fence 

Slice Inserted
Exemplified by the patented Tommy Silt Fence Machine, slices the earth, disrupting the soil upward just enough to open a slit into which the filter fabric is fed to a depth of 8-12". The sliced earth closes around the fabric as the machine passes. the closed slice containing the fabric is then mechanically compacted by the weight of the tractor pulling the Silt Fence Machine as it makes several passes over the slice, after insertion is complete. Since the posts haven't yet been installed, they aren't there to inhibit compaction. The result is that the soil is fully compacted around the fabric, back to near it's original state.

siltfence picSiltFence Installation detail drawing

Tommy ETV Report
Installation Specification
Non-Wire Backing Slice Insertion Method



Wire Reinforced

Wire reinforced is traditional silt fence with wire backing support to provide extra strength on construction areas with heavy silt and sediment control requirements.  

Siltfence wirereinforced   siltfence wirereinforced2



Rock On Tail

When perimeter control is required on a paved surface, or other hard surface where it is desirable not to disturb the surface, and when an existing or proposed perimeter fence is to be in place at the time of installation of the control. Because the weighted tail provides positive surface contact, forcing migrating water to filter through the rock and fabric before exiting the site. It allows viable perimeter control when traditional silt fence is not practicable due to surface or location related constraints. 

Standard Silt Fence Installation
Assurene Silt Fence Fabric
Silt Fence on Rock Tail - Paved Surface