Curb Inlet Protection

Curb Inlets present a unique set of problems on the job site. Located in high traffic areas, even internally on the site, they’re subject to damage by equipment and vehicles working or passing nearby. If located in an adjacent street, passing cars represent serious safety and liability concerns. Poorly designed BMPs magnify those problems.

Sandbags, which are still found on out of date SWPPP details for curb inlets, are the worst offenders. Placing 40 lb. bags of dirt in relatively fragile and typically UV-vulnerable plastic sacks adjacent to inlets seems illogical when the objective is to keep dirt out of the drainage systems. Broken sandbags are a given in the midst of construction activity. Even worse, if located on a street, they are also a magnet for alignment and front-end damage claims by passing motorists, and in the worst case scenario can be life-threatening obstacles to speeding cars. They seem cheap, but the replacement costs can mount up quickly, and liability is just not worth the risk. It’s smarter to use cost-effect curb inletIPB’s like these:


Reusable inlet protection device uses 3 dimensional outer layer with an open, rigid inner frame designed for high flow rates while maintaining maximum sediment retention. Snugly fitted to the curb, these units present no obstacle for passing vehicle or equipment regardless of their location. They’re easy to transport and install, move, clean and reuse.

Available in 3’, 6’, 9’, 12’ and 15’ lengths. Units are modular.

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  • 7" Tall - allows for overflow
  • Unique design - ships in 4" box
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight and quick to install
  • Easy to clean and reuse 
  • Low profile to curb helps prevent damage
  • Tie back straps for additional support
  • Custom sizes available 

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A highly effective curb inlet sediment control filter based on the highly effective Erosion Eel®, channelize flow control, the Gutter Eel® removes suspended soils, trash, and debris from storm water runoff. Gutter Eel® is manufactured with a high flow/high strength outer filter sleeve encasing 100% shredded tire filter media. the unit incorporates a high flow overflow weir for extreme weather events. Easy to install, pressure wash and reuse.

Available in sizes to fit 5’ and 8’ inlet openings.

           BMP guttereel1     BMP guttereel2     BMP guttereel3


  • Designed with high flow overflow
  • High flow/high strength outer filter
  • Filter media composed of 100% recycled, sheddred tires
  • Lightweight and quick to install
  • Easy to install, use and reuse 
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