Automated Detention – SmartBATCH Brochure

The smartBATCH detention system is a prepackaged, easy to install, automated water control valve that regulates stormwater depth and meets batch detention requirements per the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality's Edwards Aquifer Protection Program (EAPP). It functions by rotating 90 degrees to open and close a valve which is connected to the outfall pipe. The valve is pre-programmed to hold water for 12 hours, as required by TCEQ EAPP Section 3.2.17, then rotates slowly over a 48 hour period to drain the pond empty. Once empty, the valve returns to its upright and closed position in anticipation of the next storm event. Fundamentally, smartBATCH allows suspended pollutants to settle out of the detained water body, then releases the cleanest water from the top of the pond.

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