Stormwater Quality Management Plan For Consulting

As sub-consultants, Construction EcoServices supplies stormwater compliance documentation for engineering firms across the region. Our focus and expertise in this subject matter is second to none, giving us the ability to produce documentation which meets and exceeds all regulatory requirements. Further, our economy of scale allows us to provide this product to engineering firms less expensively than they can produce it themselves. Our symbiotic relationship with engineers also provides them with opportunities to generate additional income and assure their clients of the highest compliance and standards of service.

SWQMP - Stormwater Quality Management Plan
In 2002 both City of Houston and Harris County began implementation of Stormwater Quality permitting for new development with the focus on capturing and treating pollutants associated with stormwater on-site prior to discharge into the local MS4. The requirement that a plan be in place to help owners understand the specific requirements of their system became the impetus for the Stormwater Quality Management or SWQMP. At Construction EcoServices we have the opportunity to review hundreds of these documents and unfortunately they are as individualistic as those who created them. Often an afterthought, these narratives are typically the product of incomplete research and regularly over burden the owner with unnecessary maintenance and management not required by current regulations. Construction EcoServices has spent countless hours developing and refining our SWQMP documentation with the goal of limiting the owner’s obligations, and therefore costs, to those specified in the regulations. We create a site ready, MS4 approved SWQMP that is consistent, simple to follow, and most important, fully compliant. We also provide permit approval processing. We take the burden of SWQMP off your shoulders, freeing up your time to be spent in more productive endeavors. 

SWPPP - Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan
With thousands of Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) developed to date, Construction EcoServices has both the experience as well as the resources to provide field tested, agency approved SWPPP’s. Not only do we prepare a site ready narrative, but also produce all of the required paper work associated with proper SWPPP Implementation including:

  • TCEQ filings
  • Local MS4 notifications
  • Primary and secondary owner documents
  • Postings for primary and secondary operators

Our experience has shown that SWPPP documentation is often seen as of minor significance and therefore relegated to those least experienced in the process. The learning curve associated with research robs valuable time that might be better spent in more productive ways. This problem is exacerbated with the continuing expansion of MS4’s permitted in the Houston area. As new MS4’s, each with their own SWPPP requirements come online, trying to navigate some 50 different sets of requirements can be a daunting task for those not fully focused in this arena. At Construction EcoServices we deal with these entities daily and are prepared to provide SWPPP documentation and permitting follow-through for your clients on your behalf. 

Education Opportunities
Stormwater Management is our complete focus. We make it our business to understand the nuances of stormwater quality requirements in every MS4 within our reach. Over the past decade we have developed vast resources and a myriad of partnerships which serve to provide our customers with the most up to date information on all facets of stormwater, from SWPPP and SWQMP documentation to design and installation of state of the art stormwater quality and management BMP’s. Let us share this information with you.