LID/Green Infrastructure Stormwater Systems

FocalPoint High Performance Modular Biofiltration Systems (HPMBS)

FocalPoint HPMBS is a scalable biofiltration system which combines the efficiency of high flow rate engineered soils with the durability and modularity of a highly pervious expandable underdrain/storage/infiltration system. The modular FocalPoint HPMBS is a complete, integrated system with a demanding specification that insures functionality, performance and maintainability. With rigorous quality assurance standards and post-construction in-situ performance verification, FocalPoint HPMBS provides guaranteed performance.

The FocalPoint's modular underdrain, unlike a traditional perforated pipe, not only supports the flow rate of the media, but can be expanded beyond the footprint of the media bed to provide unlimited underground detention, infiltration and/or storage for water reuse/infiltration.

FocalPoint HPMBS gives designers maximum flexibility in meeting both water quality and volume requirements.

The system can be used in combination with traditional LID BMPs such as grassy swales and vegetated depressions. It enables implementation of green streets using urban sidewalk planters; which because of the small footprint can support designs with large trees. These systems are also used for downspout planters, replacing underground treatment systems and are an easy retrofit for failed traditional bioretention systems. FocalPoint provides unlimited application opportunities for new construction and redevelopment. 


Expanded Detention


Expanded Infiltration


Rainwater Harvesting

'Cap & Seal' Protection During Ongoing Construction Activity

Protecting the FocalPoint HPMBS during construction is of the utmost importance. The 'Cap & Seal' protection ensures a viable system regardless of the construction sequencing by sealing off the media bed until the contributing drainage area is stabilized. Solving this problem removes one of the most problematic issues in bioretention. Due to it's small scale, FocalPiont HPMBS can be capped and sealed, allowing installation to take place early in the project construction cycle when other site utilities are installed.



We guarantee post-construction performance and we make sure your client gets it. 

Performance Guaranteed with Post-Installation Verification

installationverification.pngThis hydraulic conductivity test procedure measures the entire media profile under saturated conditions to produce a reliable and accurate result. 

To ensure the highest level of effectiveness, Convergent specifies that the FocalPoint HPMBS be tested within 90 days of commissioning, but no more than 270 days and we recommend the system be tested annually thereafter to provide ongoing quality assurance. 

Maintenance In Mind - Simple & Cost Effective

maintenanceinmind.pngThe first year's maintenance is included in all FocalPoint HPMBS installations to ensure that the system is given the best opportunity to succeed, and low cost annual maintenance contracts are available. 

The potential failure for most LID/GI BMP's is highest within the first year and success or failure is often dependent on whether the system is being properly inspected and maintained. Convergent's commitment to system success doesn't stop when the installation is complete. 

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