March 25, 2020


Construction EcoServices Status Report in the Context of the Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic


To our General Contractor clients, Property Owner/Management clients and specifying Engineers,

After 19 years of entering into ‘partnership’ relationships with you, committed on a project by project basis to proving a value proposition that rests on delivering higher value at lower total cost, I want to take a minute to assure you that no matter where this pandemic takes us, we’re in this with you for the long haul.

We’ve taken the relevant CDC and AGC recommended steps, actively working to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus internally, and we’re responding to your special needs in that regard on a site by site basis.

More than half of our office-based personnel are fully equipped to work from home indefinitely and our senior management, along with a skeleton office crew, are working normal hours, staying on top of operations and special circumstances as they arise, while spread out across the otherwise empty office landscape. Our Market Managers, Project Managers, Inspectors and Field Operations teams are in the field, avoiding your main offices except by invitation. However, they are actively engaged on your jobsites on scheduled or invited visits, taking care to communicate electronically and to avoid jobsite trailers if possible. As always, we’re still working with local regulatory authorities regardless of whether your project is in Houston, Austin-San Antonio, Dallas-Fort Worth, South Texas or somewhere in between, to assure you of consistent compliance and regulatory application.

Being problem solvers and being there when you need us has always been a critical component of our DNA. In today’s circumstances, that just might mean being in your living room or home office. With this in mind, we’ve set up our team to offer digital training, remaking the traditional Lunch & Learn in your conference room into a Lounge & Learn, bringing your group together via webcast allowing each individual to log in from the traditional conference room, or wherever you happen to be. These sessions are designed around industry topics that are most important to your current projects. A few examples include — NEXGEN: Vegetating Ponds for Success Today and Less Maintenance Tomorrow; Ponds, Ponds and More Ponds: All the Options to Make Them Disappear; Flattening the Curve: Not THAT Curve, The Hydrograph. If you’re interested in setting something up, let us know.

We are grateful for the relationships we’ve developed with you over the years and thank you for your continued trust. As a company we’re looking for ways to help. Please reach out and let us know if there’s something we can do to help you.

All the best,

Bob Adair
President & CEO
C: 281-414-4719

Dale Bankston, Vice President
Construction Compliance Services and Unified Operations
C: (281) 728-0037

David Batts, Vice President
System Solutions and Post-construction Compliance Services
C: (281) 923-4517

John Moss, Director
Business Development and Stabilization Services
C: (281) 414-5650