Given your Stormwater Quality Management Plan (SWQMP) can be thoroughly reviewed at any time by a Regulatory Compliance Officer, it is imperative that these documents are kept current and reflect that your features are fully compliant with city and county regulations. Our compliance permitting and documentation is compiled in a way that will stand up to the most stringent scrutiny and will ensure your property is at zero-risk for non-compliance penalties.


$700 Annual Permit Renewal

The details about this offer:

  • The offer is a 3-year commitment contract for $700/year Permit Renewals.
  • You will receive email notification from us prior to each year’s due dates and charges.
  • Your credit card on file with us will be automatically charged prior to the permit renewal due date for year #2 and year #3.
  • Your stormwater feature will be physically inspected by a licensed third party Professional Engineer
  • Your Renewal Permit will be stamped by a licensed third party, as required by your SWQMP.
  • All paperwork & submittals required for permitting, including required digital photos, will be documented and saved, as well as delivered to you via the email address we have for you on file.

$700/Year for 3-Years

City of Houston and/or Harris County Processing Fee

Both COH and HC have a processing fee that is paid upon submission of the permit renewal documentation. As a courtesy to our customers, we will administer payment for the permit fee to the regulatory entity on your behalf at no additional charge. The permit fee will be added to bill at time of service.

$195/Year for the City of Houston and/or $250/Year for Harris County



Required Monthly Inspections

The City of Houston and Harris County both require that stormwater features are inspected monthly. With our industry leading, best in class SWQMP Inspection Service, we will ensure 100% compliance levels through the life of your facility. In addition, our monthly inspections will greatly reduce the chances of any extraordinarily high future repair costs, as regular inspection allows us to find and fix issues for you before they turn into large problems. Our SWQMP Inspection Service meets all requirements outlined in the COH/HC Storm Water Quality Guidance Manual. Our monthly inspections include:

  • Visual inspection of storm sewer inlets on site.
  • Physical inspection of storm water quality feature(s).
  • Measure depth of sediment in enclosed treatment/storage system and record findings (if applicable).
  • Inspection of final outfall of stormwater quality device (if accessible).
  • Record the findings of site inspections in the stormwater quality management narrative.
  • Digital photo documentation of inspections that reveal non-compliance issues that require corrections.
  • Communicate monthly with Property Manager as to action items required to maintain SWQ compliance.
  • Provide on call support and mediation in conversations with visiting regulatory compliance officers.

$50/Month for 36-Months


Stormwater Quality Feature Maintenance & Cleanouts

Whether you prefer a regular maintenance and cleanout schedule or on-call service, keeping your stormwater feature(s) cleaned out and maintained is the key to avoiding costly future problems, as well as helping your features continue to operate within required compliance levels.  Construction EcoServices maintains and cleans all SWQM features. Typical maintenance service includes:

  • Complete evacuation of silt, sediment, and debris the system(s)
  • Removal and replacement of filtration devices
  • Disposal of filtration devices
  • Safe disposal of all contents removed from the system(s)
  • All disposal manifests provided upon request

$50-$150 per cleanout, depending on system type

Detention/Retention Pond Mowing & Fertilizing Services

Monthly mowing is recommended to prevent unwanted growth of trees and bushes in ponds. Monthly mowing also helps stimulate growth, resulting in more established root systems which aid in creating healthy pond slopes that are less prone to deterioration, preventing costly pond repairs. In addition, we offer regular and properly timed fertilizing to help ensure healthy and strong vegetation growth. Our mowing and fertilizing services include:

  • Monthly or as-needed mowing around the immediate perimeter and down the slopes of the pond
  • Monthly or as-needed mowing of the bottom area of the pond, if accessible.
  • Monthly or as-needed fertilizing of the immediate vegetated perimeter of the pond, as well as down the slopes
  • Monthly or as-needed fertilizing of the bottom area of the pond, if accessible.

$85-$135 per visit, depending on pond size and whether fertilizing service is also selected.



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Since 2002, Construction EcoServices has been focused exclusively in the stormwater marketplace. Our business units provide solutions involving turnkey compliance assurance services, engineering sub-consultancy and cutting-edge stormwater management systems to all segments of the development, design and construction markets where those pursuits intersect with the rapidly evolving stormwater regulations.

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