Construction EcoServices is pleased to announce that Dusty Learned, PE has joined our organization. Dusty brings a suite of civil-engineer focused services into our offering to help further support our civil-engineer clients. To celebrate this, throughout August, we are offering a STORMWATER QUALITY MANAGEMENT PLAN AT NO CHARGE with any design plan that has one or more of our recommended SWQ systems specified. Read the offer details below.


Say Hello to Dusty Learned, PE

A resourceful and licensed engineering professional with over 20 years of civil engineering design and project management experience in land development projects, stormwater management and hydraulic analysis, and jurisdictional permitting. Dusty obtained a B.S. in Civil Engineering from The University of Memphis and his desire to sustainably improve the way we develop the world around us led him to obtain a M.S. in Environmental and Water Resources Engineering from Villanova University.

Dusty enjoys consulting while developing and providing innovative and cost-effective solutions. His strong analytical skills and ability to coordinate resources, implement plans and execute initiatives enable the team’s achievements of objectives and goals. He is a highly motivated, self-directed team leader who nurtures effective working relationships and is committed to adding value and exceeding expectations through collaborative problem solving, hard work and energetic determination. He has provided engineering services in Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey. Dusty is the proud father of two wonderful daughters and enjoys gardening, small creatures and being outdoors.

New Services Dusty and Construction EcoServices Can Provide You:

  • As-Built Certification
  • Design Consultation
  • Annual Stormwater Quality Repermitting
  • SWQMP & SWPPP Sub-Consultancy
  • Low Impact Development Design Support and Modeling
  • Enhanced Quality Assurance / Quality Control

The Offer Details

Through the month of August, Construction EcoServices will provide a SWQMP report free of charge for Harris County and City of Houston projects to engineers that specify one of our many SWQ systems. Our team will help recommend a feature based on the site-specific conditions, local regulations, front-end costs and long-term maintenance costs. Not only will we generate the document, we will also have Dusty Learned, PE, sign and seal the document, we will have it recorded and submitted to the city and we will address any and all comments received from Harris County or City of Houston reviewers to assure the report is approved. This allows you to focus on doing what you do best, while allowing us to show you what we do best.

To Qualify

  • City of Houston project – 1 acre or larger
  • Harris County project– 5 acres or larger

Which SWQ Features?


Inlet based treatment

  • Suntree
    • Grate Inlet Skimmer Box (GISB)
    • Inlet Screen Box

End of Pipe

  • Hydro International
    • First Defense (stormwater separator)
    • Downstream Defender (stormwater separator)
    • Hydro DryScreen (baffle box)
  • Suntree
    • NSBB (baffle box)


  • FocalPoint Biofiltration System


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