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Dirtbag® Dewatering Filter Bag

These geotexile filter bags are sediment control devices made of permeable, non woven geotextiles. Sediment laden water from ponds, sumps, or from holes around construction sites that must be dewatered can be pumped through a Dirtbag®. The Dirtbag® will retain the silt, sand and fines while allowing the filtered water to drain out. Built-in inlet tube accommodates up to a 6” pump hose.

Available Sizes:

4’ x 6’
10’ 15’
15’ x 15’

Available with or without integral lifting straps.

Floating Turbidity Barriers

Turbidity barriers control sediment contamination by preventing it from escaping construction sites into adjacent oceans, rivers, lakes or ponds. Floating barriers are used to keep the top edge of the barrier above water level. Weighted bottoms keep the barriers vertically oriented. Choice of vinyl coated polyester for barriers or polypropylene for filtration.

Available in standard 5’ depth, and custom depths.

Job Site Spill Kit—30 Gallon

Kit contains: 30 gallon Salvage Drum, 3“x10’ Oil Only Booms, Skimmer Pillow, Absorbent, Disposal Bags, Blue Absorbent Socks, Universal Mat Pads, Tamper proof Labels and Emergency Response Guide Book. This Kit contains the absorbents you need to respond to a medium-sized spill of oils, coolants, solvents or water.

T-Post Caps

OSHA Approved
These brightly colored, OSHA compliant caps can prevent injury by eliminating potential impalement danger (up to 7.5’). 

Molded PVC
These caps are made from durable, molded vinyl material to provide protection from sharp edges of steel t-posts

SWPPP Signage

Properly display your SWPPP site postings on this heavy duty sign. Re-usable from project to project.

Sand Bags 

Tough, woven polypropylene sandbags. Available filled or empty.