Advanced Harvesting and Management Control

describe the imageAdvanced Harvesting and Stormwater Management Control Platform

OptiRTC allows on-site detention facilities (surface pond, above ground cistern or underground vault) to be used for rainwater harvesting by employing micro-scale weather forecasts, automated sensors and electronically actuated valves to drain harvested water when detention capacity is needed to accommodate runoff from inbound weather events or other triggers.

Key Benefits:

  • Monitors forecast and onsite device inputs to anticipate storm flows to detention
  • Drains cistern/detention storage ahead of precipitation event in proportion to storm volume
  • Operates in cistern mode during storm events - capturing water for harvesting applications
  • Provides peak-flow shaving capabilities for storms in excess of design storms


By combining rainwater harvesting and the detention facilities already required on most new commercial, industrial and public projects, or retrofitting existing detention facilities, valuable water resources that would otherwise be captured for 48 hours and then released, can be utilized beneficially.

The rainwater harvested in these systems can be used for a variety of purposes, including irrigation. Notably, irrigation of landscapes utilizes approximately 50% of locally produced potable water production, despite our average annual rainfall of roughly 50 inches per year. As state water supplies diminish and our population and potable water costs continue to increase, OptiRTC offers an answer to a critical water resource allocation problem.

Perhaps equally important, it's use is economically advantageous for the developer or property owner. Return on Investment (ROI) for commercial scale rainwater harvesting is reduced dramatically when this dual use approach is employed. Projects designed to-date indicate that ROI can be lowered from 20 years, which is typical for commercial scale projects, to less than 5 years, making this dual-use technology a sound business decision.

OptiRTC's advanced systems management capabilities creates the opportunity for commercial scale rainwater harvesting without jeopardizing the detention facility's ability to capture it's design storm event. Locally, the City of Houston, Harris County and Harris County Flood Control District have all indicated a desire to see these systems employed to preserve critical water resources.

System design, data visualization, operational alerting, and/or automated control are all customized to meet the needs of every site-specific application.