Alternative Drainage Systems

OptiRTC Advanced Harvesting and Stormwater Management Control Platformdescribe the image

The OptiRTC technology allows on-site stormwater management systems to drain storage in advance of forecasted weather events or other triggers, improving their stormwater-management capacity at the time of the storm. With the combination of real-time weather forecasts, urban runoff models, redundant cloud computing and the ioBridge Internet-Of-Things platform, OptiRTC can actively operate cisterns, ponds, and other detention systems to dramatically improve stormwater management.

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  • Monitors forecast and onsite device inputs to anticipate storm flows to detention
  • Drains cistern/detention storage ahead of precipitation event in proportion to storm volume
  • Operates in cistern mode during storm events - capturing water for harvesting applications
  • Provides peak-flow shaving capabilities for storms in excess of design storms
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