Permeable Paving Systems

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A Low Impact Approach to Improved Management of Stormwater Runoff and Pollutant Control

Use of permeable open jointed paver systems is a recognized Best Management Practice by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), providing both pollution control and stormwater management.  Extreme weather produces extreme rainfall.  The result has been increased regulations as well as an increase in the size and expense of each property's necessary stormwater management system. Permeable open jointed paver systems help retain stormwater on site, where the water falls, thereby allowing property owners to achieve pre-development stormwater goals with smaller capacity stormwater systems. Further, permeable open jointed pavers have the quickest return on investment and the lowest cost of ownership of any permeable pavement system. For these reasons, permeable open jointed pavers are a key component to Construction EcoServices stormwater solutions.block-4

Ideal Uses:

  • Commercial and Residential Developments
  • Parallel Parking and Driveways
  • Walkways and Paths

Advantages of Use:

  • Decrease detention requirements
  • Reduce overall size of storm sewer on site
  • Reduction of stormwater runoff into the stormwater sewer systems
  • Reduced pollutants from first flush runoff
  • Improve tree root health in Urban Landscape
  • Improve property's aesthetics

Give Your Pavement Power Over The Rain

When installing a permeable open jointed pavement system, use a system that solves more problems than it creates! Introducing PowerBLOCK, a high-performance permeable paving system. With surface infiltration rates of over 1,000 inches per hour, it performs 5x better than most other systems. And while all pervious pavements require maintenance, PowerBLOCK still flows at 100 inches per hour when 90% clogged, which is where most competing systems start. That means less time cleaning your pavement and more time actually using it!

In addition, we have found PowerBLOCK manufacturing provides a consistently high-quality product and inventory.


  • Open joint permeable paver system
  • 5" high solid concrete block
  • 1/4" open joint
  • No aggregate infill needed
  • Infiltration rates > 1,000 in/hr
  • HS 25 load rated
  • Low life cycle costs
  • Easy maintenance
  • Creative layouts and geometry
  • Available in a variety of colors
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Porous Paving Systems

The PaveDrain System is a permeable paving system made of a permeable articulating concrete block/mat designed to create a natural vertical infiltration path providing a sustainable solution to managing stormwater runoff. PaveDrain is designed to be a critical component of Low Impact Development by reducing stormwater infrastructure, minimizing environmental impact and increasing pollutant removal. The PaveDrain System is available in a variety of pre-assembled mat sizes or individual units for small installations providing superior installation flexibility. 

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  • Fast,economical installation
  • Custom applications
  • ASTM and ADA Compliance
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Fiber Soils Turf Reinforcementdescribe the image

Fiber-reinforced Turf Paving systems for parking, playing and driving – it’s time to expect more from your land. With FiberSoils patented soil reinforcement, you’ll be able to do things with turf and dirt that you might have thought was impossible. It’s the most effective, efficient soil-reinforcement method on the market.

Fiber Soil

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  • Increase the strength of your soil to build stronger foundations
  • Repair roadside failures and more
  • Design steeper hills
  • Use green areas for parking
  • Drain your rooftop green spaces effectively
  • Play ball without damaging the sports field
  • Longer-lasting horse tracks training fields
  • Irrigate without flooding
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R-Cell Grass Paving Systemdescribe the image

R-Cell allows occasional use impervious pavements to be converted to porous, drivable grass surfaces. With lateral openings within the structure, TurfCell not only protects roots against compaction, it allows the roots of rhizomatous grasses to spread through the block within the protected soil layer, enabling both horizontal and vertical root growth. The system protects the roots from being damaged by driving vehicles over the structure. As the grass fills in, the reinforcement structure becomes invisible. This creates a living, self-healing system which is not only resilient, but looks great year round.


  • 100% Recycled Content
  • 80% TSS Removal
  • Converts Impervious Pavements to Pervious, Drivable Surfaces
  • Reduced Stormwater Runoff
  • Reduced Heat Island Effect
  • Promotes Infiltration
  • Improved Aesthetics
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