Detention & Drainage

R-Tank Modular Detention Systems  describe the image

R-Tank® Underground Detention SystemR-Tank® stormwater detention/retention and infiltration systems provide underground storage of stormwater. After a rain event fills the R-Tank®, stormwater will either be routed to the drainage system, be recycled for irrigation or infiltrate into the ground. This system provides an alternative to stormwater basins and a highly space-efficient underground systems.


  • High capacity with 95% void space
  • Modular design
  • High strength
  • Lightweight and quick to install
  • Recycled content
  • LEED Credits
  • Longer-lasting horse tracks training fields
  • Irrigate without flooding


Why Do You NEED Modular Versatility?

Vary the system shape to:

  • Work around obstacles / utilities
  • Fit the system to the constraints of your site
  • Replace sloped pipes with a flat system

Eliminate header manifolds to:

  • Reduce Costs
  • Break the system into pieces to manage runoff close to the source

Add stone storage to:

  • Take advantage of available space on site and reduce costs
  • Cost effectively increase footprint size for faster infiltration

Vary the elevation of the top of the system to:

  • Maintain cover beneath changing grades
  • Change cover depths for different surface usage

Vary the elevation of the bottom of the system to:

  • Avoid / jump underground utilities
  • Create a WQV sump

Create construction phase flexibility to:

  • Allow simple footprint changes on the fly without impacting storage volume
  • Easily modify the system depth
  • Account for unmarked utilities
  • Help reduce the cost of change orders
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