ECO-U Training Program for Remote Employees

    1. Roughly, what percent of the world will suffer from water shortages by the year 2050?
    A - 12%B - 32%C - 52%D - 82%

    2. What is a key trait Low Impact Development?
    A - It has little impact on the overall cost of a projectB - It mimics pre-development hydrologyC - It reduces flooding more than all other solutionsD - It is the most recommended solution on market

    3. How often do stormwater systems need to be repermitted?
    A - Every yearB - Houston does not require repermittingC - Only right before a construction project is completedD - Every five years

    4. What is the #1 threat to water quality worldwide?
    A - Plastic/microplasticsB - Silt and dirt (from erosion)C - Rubber (from roadway runoff)D - Nutrients (nitrogen/phosphorus)

    5. What does SWPPP stand for?
    A - Stormwater Pollution Prevention PlanB - Stormwater & Wastewater Pipe Protection PlanC - Stormwater Pipe Pollution Prevention PlanD - Stormwater & Wastewater Pollution Protection Plan

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