Inlet-Based Stormwater Treatment

Traditional Inlet Treatment and Protection Productsdescribe the image

Inlet Filter Comparison Chart








High Curb / Grate / Trench $915 - $1,200 TSS / Nutrients / Metals / Hydrocarbons gisb-1-thumb 

Suntree NSBB

High EOP $8,000 - $150,000 TSS / Nutrients / Metals / Hydrocarbons gisb-1-thumb 

Fabco Helix

High EOP Ask for Pricing Bacteria gisb-1-thumb 

Fabco Cartridge

High Curb / Grate / Trench / EOP / Downspout $1,300 - $5,000 TSS / Nutrients / Metals / Hydrocarbons / Bacteria gisb-1-thumb 

Suntree Flume Filter

Med Flume / Open Channel $800 - $10,000 Trash / Sediment / Debris gisb-1-thumb 

Fabco Geotextile Sack

Med Curb / Grate / Trench $550 Trash / Sediment / Debris gisb-1-thumb 

ACF Gratemaster

Med Grate $650 Trash / Sediment / Debris gisb-1-thumb 

Fabco Connector Pipe Screen

Low EOP $750 Trash / Sediment / Debris gisb-1-thumb 

ACF Trash Guard

Low Curb / EOP / Trench $250 - $450 Trash / Sediment / Debris gisb-1-thumb 

Custom sizes available upon request


StormBasin™describe the image

Helix™ - High-Flow Filter System

The StormBasin is designed to capture and retain stormwater catch basin pollutants namely: sediment, trash, vegetation, nutrients, coliform bacteria, oil/grease and dissolved metals (e.g., lead, copper, cadmium and chromium).

The large sediment and debris catch basin provides ample storage volume for solids carried in stormwater flows – over 8 cubic ft in the 30″ x 48″ size. The catch basin’s design features a “hooded” bypass to reduce the potential for flooding during peak storm events while still retaining sediment and debris. The StormBasin also keeps the captured material dry, simplifying maintenance and reducing disposal costs.

The lightweight filter cartridge comes fully assembled and snaps into place with a quick twist. Filter cartridges are available in various configurations allowing you to fine tune performance by targeting specific pollutants. The modular cartridge design allows quick and easy replacement while containing the spent material for safe transportation and disposal.

Features summary:

  • Replaceable filter cartridges can target specific pollutants
  • Durable, aluminum frame with large volume injection molded basin
  • Covered bypass retains trash during extreme rain events
  • Adjustable mounting system, long life, competitively priced and low cost of ownership


TrashGuard®describe the image

TrashGuard® is a patented stormwater pretreatment device that captures debris, sediment and floatables. TrashGuard® is easy to install and maintain and costs a fraction of other pretreatment devices currently available. TrashGuard® has extensive testing and an available calculator to assist design professionals in selecting the correct screen size for their particular project

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  • Captures debris, sediments and floatables
  • Simple retrofits to existing catch basins
  • Installs without heavy equipment
  • Adjusts to irregular catch basin bottoms and/or walls
  • Eliminates eyesore stormwater trash at public parks, beaches, and waterways
  • Sediment reduction protects fish, shell fish, aquatic life and human recreation

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