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Trees in cities are almost universally seen as a very desirable, indeed hugely beneficial part of our lives. And probably the most critical factor in tree health and longevity, is the provision of enough quality soil for the tree roots. Providing for this volume of uncompacted soil beneath pavements is an issue that aborists, landscape architects and engineers have been debating for decades.

The modular Stratavault TM system employs advanced design geometry and reinforced copolymers to produce an incredibly robust, skeletal matrix. This matrix has been tested by Finite Element Analysis, as well as physical Ultimate Load tests at university. These test results have been verified by consulting engineers to provide adequate support for pavement loads.

Structural Soil Cells
Structural soil cells are modular units that assemble to form a skeletal matrix, situated below pavement level, to support the pavement load while providing a large volume of uncompacted soil within the matrix structure for root growth.

Compared to rock/soil matrix
Early research utilised a rock and soil matrix to provide support for pavement, while permitting some root growth within the pavement. Structural Cells have moved this principle forwarded by replacing the rock (80% of the total volume) with engineered modules (10% of total volume).

Design features
This sixth generation Root Cell has very generous apertures for root growth, without sacrificing the structural integrity of the matrix. Stratavault TM apertures are large enough to permit some common conduits, service pipes and aeration systems to be incorporated within the structure.

The open, skeletal structure of the Stratavault TM matrix provides an optimal growth zone for tree roots. In excess of 90% of the total volume is available for tree root growth.

Stratavault TM has been designed to achieve major reductions in installation costs. Units snap together quickly and easily, with labor times being drastically reduced. Positive and secure connectors are a feature of the Stratavault TM patented design both vertically and laterally. StratavaultTM modules are simple and fast to click together, producing an integrated matrix.

LEED Credits
Using Stratavault TM can help clients earn additional points in the categories of: creating sustainable sites, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, material and resources, indoor environmental quality, neighborhood pattern and design and green infrastructure and buildings.


  • High Strength
  • Fast Installation
  • Compact Module Design
  • 100% Recycled Polymer
  • Laboratory Tested
  • Low Shipping Volumes
  • LEED Contribution


Designed Apertures Permit Common Conduits, Services Pipes and Aeration Systems


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