State of Texas Environmental Electronic Reporting System

PLEASE NOTE: Effective September 1, 2018, all stormwater permitting will be mandatory through STEERS. All applicants must submit the NOI, LREW, NOC and NOT forms using the online e-permitting system available through the TCEQ website or request and obtain an electronic reporting waiver. Electronic reporting waivers are not transferrable and expire on the same date as the authorization to discharge.

The benefits to filing at STEERS:

  • Lower Cost - Online (STEERS) filing is only $225 versus traditional, paper filing at $325
  • ECO-friendly - Save paper, and still have a complete electronic record that can be accessed at anytime.
  • Faster Permitting - Provisional coverage starts IMMEDIATELY! This means no 7 day waiting period from the date of the postmarked paper NOI.
  • Faster Permit Termination - File your NOT online and achieve quicker turn around to close out coverage when your site is complete.

We are still able to act as a third party on your behalf and file the NOI, however, instead of sending you a paper copy of the NOI, we file online through the STEERS website for you, and notify you when it is ready to be signed and paid.

Setting up a STEERS account:

The link provides step-by-step instructions for setting the STEERS account up. It is important to remember that only an officer of your company can sign the NOI (whether paper or electronic). Please keep in mind that the email address that you enter, when prompted, (in setting up the STEERS account) is the only email address STEERS will correspond with.

Here is a printable guide provided by the TCEQ on how to set up your steers account:

A Guide to Creating an Account in STEERS E-Permittingpdf-icon-1

Create New STEERS Account

Please feel free to call us with any questions at 832.456.1000, or call the STEERS help desk at 512.239.6925 (bypass the voicemail by pressing "0" to get to the help center).