Turf Reinforcement Mats

Designed for slopes requiring permanent reinforcement, turf reinforcement mats provide all the benefits of an erosion control blanket (ECB) and then permanently anchor root systems to the surface soil. They're the most efficient way to provide permanent erosion control on moderate to extreme slopes, low to high-flow channels and many applications in between. The stability that TRMs provide allows root systems to establish solid ground support.


Flexamat consists of concrete shapes, locked together with a high strength, polypropylene geogrid. There are openings around each concrete block that give Flexamat the flexibility and enable it to be packaged in rolls. The openings also allow vegetation to grow through the mat. Eventually, vegetation will completely cover Flexamat. It can be manufactured with various backings such as non-woven fabric to stop vegetation growth or a TRM (turf re-enforcement mat) depending on the soil conditions and other factors. 

BMP flexamat    BMP flexamat2    BMP flexamat3


  • Vegetated solution for hard armor applications
  • Permanent Solution
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Easy Installation
  • Reduces Construction cost
  • Slows down run-off
  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Improved Safety
  • Does not retain heat like rip rap or concerete gutters
  • LEED Credits   
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GreenArmor System

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A revolutionary green alternative to hard armor. As the world’s most effective Green Design Engineering™ alternative to hard armor, the GreenArmor™ System offers a more aesthetically pleasing and environmentally superior means of protecting high-discharge waterways and steep slopes. You can learn about Keys to the System here. You will see that they bring together the most technologically advanced erosion control and re-vegetation products to provide:


  • 30-50% less cost than hard armor
  • Twice the erosion resistance of natural vegetation
  • Higher-density turf
  • Unmatched factors of safety

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