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We have curated several informative and entertaining news stories from the stormwater industry, as well as a few other items of interest. We appreciate you taking the time to read our ezine and hope that you find this stormwater related information as interesting and informative as we do.

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Stormwater News

Port of Houston Still ‘Overburdened’ by Shipping Crisis – Expect Product Delivery Delays
Channel 2 Houston
“These two terminals make up about 70% of the container volume that’s handled in the U.S. Gulf,” Roger Guenther, the executive director said. Still, there are major goods and retail shipping delays around the country. Guenther said Port Houston is not immune to the shipping delays. “A lot of people that left the workforce didn’t return to the workforce, like those that work in the distribution centers where this cargo is ultimately going,” he explained. Guenther said to put it simply, the supply chain is overburdened right now. WATCH THE NEWS VIDEO.

Harris County Engineer John Blount Resigns
Construction EcoServices & Houston Chronicle
We want to send a heartfelt “Thanks” to John Blunt for his years of dedication as Harris County Engineer, as well as his support of Low Impact Development (LID) practices, now referred to as Green Stormwater Infrastructure. Good luck on your future endeavors, John.

Blount recently submitted a letter of resignation to Commissioners Court, making way for him to move onto other life adventures. Blount, 59, joined the county engineering department in 1987 and worked his way to the top post, a powerful position that oversees roads, bridges, buildings and other public infrastructure.

Stormwater Runoff Behind Larger-Than-Average Gulf of Mexico ‘Dead Zone’
Each year, excess nutrients from cities, farms and other sources in upland watersheds drain into the Gulf and stimulate algal growth during the spring and summer. The algae eventually die, sink and decompose. Throughout this process, oxygen-consuming bacteria decay the algae. The resulting low oxygen levels near the bottom are insufficient to support most marine life, rendering the habitat unusable and forcing species to move to other areas to survive. Exposure to hypoxic waters has been found to alter fish diets, growth rates, reproduction offsite link, habitat use, and availability of commercially harvested species like offsite linkshrimp.

Four Ways Climate Change is Contributing to Extreme Weather – Expect More Storms
Hotter, longer heatwaves – one theory is higher temperatures in the Arctic are causing the jet stream to slow down, increasing the likelihood of eat domes. More persistent droughts – as heatwaves become more intense and longer, droughts can worsen. More fuel for wildfires – wildfires can be sparked by direct human involvement – but natural factors can play a huge part. More extreme rainfall events – in the usual weather cycle, hot weather creates moisture and water vapor in the air, which turns into droplets to create rain.


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Featured Project

Multi-Function Stormwater Solution: Gretna City Hall
A Small Public Space Making a Big Impact

As part of an initiative to address localized flooding and improve pedestrian safety in Historic Downtown Gretna, Dana Brown & Associates lead the design and construction administration of an urban design project that transformed the public space just outside of Gretna City Hall. The project included the redesign of an open space located between north and southbound Huey P. Long Avenue, which feature numerous forms of green infrastructure, including bioretention, native plants, permeable pavers, underground detention and soil cells.


Get Your PEUs

Effective Stormwater Infiltration
Tuesday, October 26, 2021 from 8:30amCDT – 4:45pmCDT

This webinar offers 7.0 PDHs to professional engineers and 7.0 HSW continuing education hours to architects in all states. It offers 7.0 HSW continuing education hours to landscape architects in most states.

  • Introduction to Stormwater Management
  • Hydrologic Principles
  • Infiltration with Low Impact Development Techniques
  • Protecting Infiltration System during and after Construction
  • Stormwater Infiltration Case Studies

Myth Busters

Myth: Rain barrels and other stormwater structures are a common breeding ground for mosquitoes.

BUSTED: Although mosquitoes have been documented to breed in rain barrels, they are unlikely to be able to access rain barrels set up correctly. Rain barrels should have screens installed on the entrance pipes that funnel stormwater from gutters into these collection containers. Be sure that these screens are also narrow enough to block mosquitoes from flying in. Emptying the rain barrel within three days of a rain event can also ensure mosquitoes cannot successfully breed in the structure. Problematic rain barrels tend to be those that are poorly maintained – well cared-for barrels present no habitat for mosquitoes.

Industry News

Losing Ground but Year-to-Date Still Ahead

Total construction starts fell 9% in August to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $782.8 billion, according to Dodge Data & Analytics. All three sectors lost ground during the month: nonbuilding starts were down 2%, residential starts were 9% lower, and nonresidential building starts fell 13%.

“Construction starts have hit a rough patch following the euphoria seen in the early stages of recovery from the pandemic,” stated Richard Branch, Chief Economist for Dodge Data & Analytics. “The Delta variant has raised concern that the fledgling economic recovery is stalling out, undermining the already low level of demand for most types of nonresidential buildings. Additionally, significant price increases for construction materials, logistic constraints, and labor shortages are making a challenging situation worse. Construction starts are likely to remain unsteady over the next few months. However, the dollar value of projects entering planning continues to suggest that the recovery in construction starts should resume early in the new year.”

Coming Events

IECA Texas Regional Conference in San Antonio
October 19 & 20, 2021

Join us for the 2021 Texas Regional Conference, October 2021 on the beautiful San Antonio Riverwalk. Hosted at the beautiful Hilton Holiday Inn San Antonio Riverwalk. The conference will kick off with a great keynote from the Assistant Director of Public Works for the City of San Antonio followed by a full schedule of education, vendor showcases, and a Vendor Reception. On Wednesday morning, we will have more education opportunities, vendor showcases, and an optional field tour in the afternoon. The exciting field tour is a boat ride on the lazy river to see the new flood gates. Hosted by the South Central Chapter IECA (SCIECA) and IECA, the conference is a key industry event in the region!

Conference Highlights

Peer-to-Peer Learning | Regional Networking | Technical Skills Building Dynamic Speakers | Product Showcase | Professional Development Knowledge Sharing | Regional/Chapter Connection | Professional Inspiration

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