Stormwater Feature Maintenance and Property Compliance Services

Construction EcoServices provides a complete suite of turnkey services which assure property owners and managers that their properties are in compliance with SWQ permitting regulations. Through sub-consultancy relationships, we also support Civil Engineers in their efforts to assure that their clients are fully knowledgeable and compliant.

  • Annual Re-Permitting
  • Ensuring Compliance
  • Erosion Control
  • Fertilizer Services and Over-Seeding
  • Final Seeding/Stabilization
  • Grading
  • Grate Replacement
  • Inspections
  • Maintenance
  • Mowing Services
  • Pond Maintenance and Remediation
  • Post Construction Certification
  • Sand Filter Construction & Maintenance
  • Stormwater System Clean-outs

Turnkey Compliance Assurance Services

Managing a Stormwater Quality Permit (SWQ) can be a daunting task as the Stormwater Quality Management Plan (SWQMP) is unique to each property and requirements can differ significantly from one property to another. Construction EcoServices assures property owners and managers of compliance with these regulations through a suite of services which cover all permitting and ongoing obligations. Among the services provided are:

  • Initial and annual As-Built Certification by third party licensed Professional Engineer
  • Photo-documented monthly inspection of the stormwater system by our qualified Inspector which details status and maintenance needs of the system, if any.
  • Update of the SWQMP documentation
  • Communication with Owner/Manager with respect to maintenance needs
  • Create and process annual re-permitting documents
  • Respond to unforeseen needs with timely solutions
  • Mediate compliance enforcement issues with authorities if needed
  • Pond Remediation

FREE Assessment of Your Stormwater Feature(s)

Has it been a while since you had your stormwater feature(s) looked at? Did you just find out you have stormwater features that you need to have serviced? Construction EcoServices is here to help you. The first step is a FREE and EASY one. Just ask us to come out and take a look at what you have. No fee. No obligation. We will come out and take a full assessment of your feature(s) and subsequently provide you a full report on status and condition, as well as an estimate for services that will bring your feature(s) compliant with EPA and local stormwater regulations. Give us a call at 281.854.3992 or email us here.

Service Locations & Offices:

You’ve Received a Stormwater Feature Re-Permit Notice, What Next?

You received a re-permitting notice because somewhere on your property there is a permanent stormwater quality control feature(s). This includes any permanent device, structure or Best Management Practice (BPM) used to eliminate or reduce pollution discharged into your community’s storm drainage system. The EPA, as as well as local regulatory agencies, require that all permanent stormwater features be re-permitted yearly. Your permit has expired.


Given the changing nuances of enforcement, the growing tangle of overlapping enforcement agencies and the stiff consequences for non-compliance, our SWQM services business exists to serve Operators and Owners in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, and Ft Worth, by implementing a set of compliance services that cover all facets of SWQM compliance.


eBook – You’ve Received a Re-Permit Notice, What Next?

Learn what to do next if you have received a Notice of Stormwater Quality Requirements for your property. Harris County and the City of Houston each have a set of regulations regarding the post-construction stormwater management obligations that must be met by property owners.

  • Determine if your property is in permitable condition
  • Issues that must be resolved prior to re-permit
  • Professional Engineer Certification
  • How to avoid the cost of non-compliance

With an understanding of your requirements as a property owner or manager, this guide will go a long way towards insuring your property is compliant with stormwater quality regulations.

Get Your Stormwater Quality Permit Status Report

Stormwater quality permits are valid for 1 year and therefore require annual renewal. Fill out the form to the left and find out now if you are out of compliance and at risk of costly fines. By providing your property information we will provide you with:

  • Your compliance status
  • When your property is due for re-permit
  • Re-Permitting Guide For Property Owners & Managers

If the Stormwater Quality Permit (SWQ) permit is not renewed annually as required, and/or the stormwater quality feature is not inspected and maintained according to the SWQMP, the property Owner is out of compliance and will be subject to fines. Trust us to help keep your property in compliance.


SWQM: Why Care?

Stormwater Quality (SWQ) permitting regulations exist to improve water quality and to minimize negative impacts of development on our watersheds. Without these programs, the effects that a growing community creates would have a devastating impact on our region’s already impaired rivers, streams and bayous. Counties and cities each have their own set of regulations regarding the post-construction stormwater management obligations that must be met by property owners.

When incorporating the specifics of SWQ regulatory requirements into the design of a development, the civil engineer calculates the volume of water to be treated, creates a Stormwater Quality Management Plan SWQ and selects a stormwater quality treatment feature to fit the needs of the site. The resulting design must be approved by County or City engineers and a Stormwater Quality Permit is issued to the Owner of the property.

All of this happens before construction is permitted or commenced. On occasion, the SWQ permit and the SWQMP which guides compliance; are details the property Owner or Manager may not be fully aware of. If the SWQ permit is not renewed annually as required, and/or the stormwater quality feature is not inspected and maintained according to the SWQMP, the property Owner is out of compliance and will be subject to fines.

Some may see stormwater management as just another unnecessary and unwanted cost to construction projects or property ownership and management. But, understanding the negative effects that poor or no stormwater management is causing should be a concern to us all. It affects where we live and play. It affects our marine-based food supply. It affects our dwindling water supply.

We care. It is why we do what we do.

Why Choose Us?

Established in 2002, we provide our clients a proven, systematic approach and a reliable experienced team that can take all compliance logistical burdens off your shoulders. What could make your life simpler? One call. One point of contact. New project launches simplified. Compliance simplified. Compliance assured.

Other key reasons to choose us:

  • We provide the most appropriate, cost-effective, and innovative solutions
  • Our experience and expertise is the fundamental “product” our clients buy
  • We focus on our customer’s success
  • Our high degree of integrity
  • Our ability to customize and problem solve
  • All our field crew are OSHA 30
  • We are agents of stormwater change

If achieving the highest level of compliance while reducing risk and lowering costs is important to you, then let’s work together. We provide full turnkey stormwater management consulting and solutions. All field crew are OSHA 30 certified.

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