Safety Certified
In all endeavors, safety is our top priority and a requirement. It is our policy to assure every employee of the company, enjoys a safe and healthy workplace. It is a condition of employment with CES that employees adhere faithfully to the requirements of our safety program, as well as the safety rules, instructions and procedure issued. Our goal is to achieve an accident-free work environment in all company facilities and on all projects. The realization of this goal depends heavily upon the active participation and cooperation of the managers, supervisors, employees and the coordination of their efforts with CES in implementing the safety program.

Safety Coordinator
OSHA 500 Certified
All field personnel are OSHA 30 Certified
OSHA Focus Four Trained
HASC Trained
Heavy Machine Certified

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. CES management is fully committed to safety efforts and constantly strives to educate employees on the importance of performing work in a safe manner. Management strives to routinely demonstrate to employees that safety measures taken are not an added burden, but rather are important and an expected part of the process. Employee safety and health takes priority over all other influences during the day-to-day decision-making process.

Our goal is to generate measurable performance criteria that can be routinely analyzed, in order to ensure all parties are executing their work at an acceptable level, with regards to safety, All levels of management and filed employees will be held accountable for safety performance

Pre-Job Planning
Pre-planning for all work to minimize the potential for personal injury and property damage is a must. The “plan” must be developed in a project specific nature, which is designed to anticipate and identify hazards, before wok begins. Knowing in advance, what measures will be taken to eliminate or adequately control the anticipated hazards for each scope of work is required.

Proper communication between all parties involved in constructing or fulfilling our priorities on the project is critical. Unexpected hazardous acts and conditions on the project site must be immediately reported. Information pertaining to scope specific hazards must be discussed and shared with all affected parties.

Developing and implementing an educational program designed to stimulate and maintain interest and cooperation of all field management personnel and employees through applicable safety meetings and safety training programs is integral to safe operations.

Management periodically reviews the company’s comprehensive safety measures to determine their overall effectiveness in controlling injuries and losses. Prompt investigations are to be conducted of all accidents, near misses and injuries, in order to ultimately determine the root cause(s) of the incident and to take appropriate corrective action, to prevent recurrence.


Why Choose Us?

Established in 2002, we provide our clients a proven, systematic approach and a reliable experienced team that can take all compliance logistical burdens off your shoulders. What could make your life simpler? One call. One point of contact. New project launches simplified. Compliance simplified. Compliance assured.

Other key reasons to choose us:

  • We provide the most appropriate, cost-effective, and innovative solutions
  • Our experience and expertise is the fundamental “product” our clients buy
  • We focus on our customer’s success
  • Our high degree of integrity
  • Our ability to customize and problem solve
  • All our field crew are OSHA 30
  • We are agents of stormwater change

If achieving the highest level of compliance while reducing risk and lowering costs is important to you, then let’s work together. We provide full turnkey stormwater management consulting and solutions. All field crew are OSHA 30 certified.

Tell us about your project and get a quick quote.

Stormwater: Why Care?

Stormwater management may seem like a relatively new industry, but it has actually been around since the Roman times. They knew, even back then, that managing stormwater runoff was a key issue to urban living. With poor stormwater management, both flooding and disease constantly wreaked havoc in ancient cities.

Not much has changed since then, except now, with more and more of the earth being covered over with cement and other impervious surfaces, the negative effects of poor stormwater management have increased exponentially. Our natural water supplies are at risk due to pollution and their lack of ability to recharge. The flowing of our waterways are at risk from erosion, sediment build up, and trash. And, our marine life is at risk, from all the chemicals finding their way into bodies of water.

Some may see stormwater management as just another unnecessary and unwanted cost to construction projects or property ownership and management. But, understanding the negative effects that poor or no stormwater management is causing should be a concern to us all. It affects where we live and play. It affects our marine-based food supply. It affects our dwindling water supply.

We care. It is why we do what we do.


While the rest of the country focused on treating one inch of rainfall, we were pushing the limits and learning how to manage the largest storms by using Low Impact Development (LID) / Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) solutions. We believed that if we could develop LID / GSI solutions in a place like Houston Texas, we could make them work anywhere.

Not only have we succeeded, but we have the the data, the case studies, and the experiences to prove it.

Since 2005, the team at Construction EcoServices and it’s partners around the country have dedicated their work to both the big discoveries and the small, that have drastically improved the performance and reliability of Low Impact Development. Collectively, they have been compiled here on this site, so that you may take advantage of the knowledge that has come from our success and failures.