Construction EcoServices is Founded

Construction EcoServices (CES) is founded in Houston, a full year ahead of the EPA’s March 2003 issuance of the Texas General Permit (TGP) which implemented Stormwater Pollution Prevention (SWPPP) requirements.


CES Invests in Market Research

CES invests in significant market research to fine tune its business model through dozens of conversations with General Contractors’ Superintendent, Project Managers and Executives, as well as state and local regulators.



CES Officially Launches

CES officially launches Construction Compliance Services (CCS) March 2003. Initially offering, what one ‘old-timer’ construction superintendent called his ideal scenario, is a “one back to pat or one neck to wring” turnkey SWPPP model.


CES Starts Educating the Marketplace

CES begins a still-standing partnership with the Association of General Contractors (AGC) to provide a bi-annual 3-4 hour training program teaching the ever-changing and ongoing regulations, nuances and issues associated with construction activity compliance. To date, this program has educated over a thousand General Contractor personnel at the AGC alone.



CES Begins Looking at LID

CES begins looking at the wave of the future, Low Impact Development (LID), or as it would later become more commonly known, Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI). This marks the beginning formation of a new CES department, System Solutions.



CES Begins Looking at Stormwater Systems

CES begins identifying the best ways to participate in the growing market for permanent stormwater systems which were being implemented in more and more new construction projects at that time. Local and federal rules were expanding beyond requiring the already ubiquitous stormwater detention basins, to include the requirement for permanent stormwater quality treatment systems.


CES Officially Launches Systems Business Unit

With due diligence on LID/GSI and stormwater systems complete, the System Solutions (SYS) business unit is officially launched. The initial focus is on underground detention and various devices that provided stormwater quality treatment. In keeping with the turnkey model, CES’ System Solutions team offers full installation services, or component assembly assistance, or product-only sales – whichever meets the specific client’s needs.


CES Recognized as SWPPP Market Leader

By the end of year, CES is recognized as the clear market leader in construction compliance (SWPPP) services in the greater Houston region.



CES Helps Create the HLWSF

After witnessing years of City and County officials encouraging LID/GSI being met with “it won’t work here in Houston” and “We’re just going to do it the way we’ve always done it” attitudes from those who are at the front line of planning and engineering, CES organizes an industry-wide meeting of the minds. Attendees included stakeholders from both sifes of the isle, local board members from the ASCE, ACEC, AIA, ASLA, USGBC, GHBA, the Harris County Director of Operations and Infrastructure Division (now County Engineer), City of Houston’s then City Engineer and representatives of several other interested professional organizations. In total, 24 key local stakeholders attend. This meeting marks the formation of the Houston Land/Water Sustainability Forum (HLWSF), an all volunteer organization founded by CES to offer education and insight into LID/GSI to our region’s professional design community as well as city and county staffs.



CES & HLWSF Create LID Competition

HLWSF, the non-commercial, educational arm of CES, produces a groundbreaking LID Design Competition, which involves integrated teams of design professionals from the region’s most significant engineering, architecture and landscape architecture firms. The competition required that they design real projects on real properties and discover for themselves the economic benefits of these practices. It is a huge success. The competition was later heralded by the EPA as a game-changer in LID/GSI market acceptance and eventually the model for the Houston competition was replicated in more than a dozen cities around the country, from Washington DC and Philadelphia to Seattle and many cities in between.


HLWSF Expands Chapters

CES replicates its effort at ‘raising the tide’ for LID/GSI in Houston in the same non-commercial, community-benefit approach, through CES-organized Land/Water Sustainability forums in Dallas-Forth Worth and Austin and San Antonio, each of which, along with New Orleans holds their own Design Competitions. As hoped, this public service effort sheds positive light on CES as not only leaders and innovators, but as experts in new practices.


CES/HLWSF Receives Sustainability Award

award-icon-125CES/HLWSF receives the Sustainability Award From the Citizens Environmental Council

CES Officially Launches PCCS Unit

CES launches the Post-Construction Compliance Services (PCS) business unit, offering property owners and property management companies their own turnkey set of compliance services adapted to Post-Construction needs, but similar to those offered for Construction sites in their comprehensive nature.



CES Aligns with Convergent

In 2012, CES aligns itself with the “Value Added Reseller” (VAR) Network for Convergent Water Technologies. The network consists of a group of geographically disbursed stormwater-focused companies operating on a collaborative basis, in distinct, exclusive territories. As a member of the VAR Network for Convergent Water Technologies, CES now has exclusive access, within its territory, to a pipeline of innovative technologies developed or acquired by Convergent.


CES/HLWSF Receives Environmental Stewardship Award

award-icon-125CES/HLWSF receives the Environmental Stewardship Award from the American Society of Landscape Architects of Texas


Harris County Adopts LID Design Guide

Harris County adopts the Low Impact Development (LID) Design Guide initially developed by a committee involving CES, the HLWSF and County leadership. This creates vast new opportunities for the company, as CES is seen as the most capable and experienced in advising on and executing on, these new design techniques.


CES Wins Six Major Houston-based Projects

Six of the world’s largest oil companies begin building campuses in Houston, CES is awards the stormwater work on all six projects.


CES Recognized by the Houston Business Journal

hbj-icon-125-1CES is recognized by the Houston Business Journal as the Largest Houston-Area Environmental Company as a result of its number of active projects.

CES Recognized as ICEA Contractor of the Year

award-icon-125CES is recognized by the International Erosion Control Association as its Contractor of the Year

CES Recognized by INC 5000

inc5000-icon-125-1CES is recognized by INC 5000 as one of the fastest-growing privately held companies in the United States.


CES Restructures Leadership Team

One of CES’s two founders retires in mid-2016. Upon his departure, a new leadership team is formed. Directors are appointed in each of the company’s three existing departments, with the addition of a Director of Business Development and a Director of Safety and HR.


CES Revamps Company Culture

CES embarks on a Cultural Development effort leading to a sea of change in the culture of the company over the next 18 months. Principles from The Oz Principle, Change the Culture Change the Game and The Culture Code are adopted into CES cultural beliefs.



CES Unites Departments

CES begins operational shifts to close sales and operational gaps between the three key business units. Now operating as a more conjoined company, each department now leverages the other unit’s expertise as a key asset. Sales and growth goals are met and CES shifts into a new stage of growth by looking into expansion.



CES Expands to Central and North TX

CES opens satellite office doors in both Central and North Texas.



CES Wins Three Major Central Texas Projects

CES wins all three of Central Texas’ major construction projects – The Texas Capitol Expansion Project with JE Dunn, The FC Stadium with Austin Commercial and the “Capstone Project”.


CES Invests in Accounting

CES makes a major investment in its Accounting Department, adding a CFO, Assistant Controller, Accountant, and an Assistant Accountant to its existing team. Processes are put into place to ensure customer services, billing, invoicing, inventory and HR are vastly improved.

CES Begins Trials of Two Game-changing Technologies

CES and Harris County Precinct 4 start testing two new game changing innovations – smartPOND and the EGRP.


CES Recognized by ABC

award-icon-125CES receives 1st place award for ABC of Greater Houston’s Excellence of Construction Competition

CES Recognized by EPA

award-icon-125CES receives 1st place award for EPA Region 6’s Outstanding Green Infrastructure and Low Impact Development Project Competition

CES Wins All Three Major Central Texas Projects

CES wins all three more major Central Texas’ construction projects – “Project Charm” and the other two…..shhhh, they’re supposed to be secret project sites, but you can guess which ones, right?