Construction EcoServices has completed streambank and channel stabilization projects of all sizes, from the small to stabilizing 60,000 linear feet of channels with varying depths and widths. Whether the project is large or small, a common key challenge to these projects is establishing vegetation that can resist erosion in the flow lines and stabilizing the slopes to prevent damage from channelized flow, as well as sheet flow from adjacent impervious areas. Often, civil engineering design plans simply suggest erosion control blankets on the slopes and channel bottoms to address those concerns. However, more often than not, erosion control blankets are unable to stand up to the inevitable velocities and turbulence causing those erosion control plans to fail.

To develop successful solutions, Construction EcoServices carefully analyzes the project’s geometry and developed flow data, and when applicable, Manning’s equation to ensure compatibility with various shear stress thresholds. A key aspect to this analysis process is in the understanding that when moving water interacts with channel boundaries, velocity decreases due to the roughness of channel boundaries and shear stress is imparted onto the boundary as a result of this loss of velocity.

When taking those variables into account, Construction EcoServices is able to develop predictably successful and typically very cost-effective solutions. For instance, in a recent project, Construction EcoServices value-engineered a hydraulically applied channel stabilization solution that saw a cost savings of over $250,000 compared to the original erosion control blanket focused design. Images of that project are provided on this page.

If you are embarking on a project that requires streamback or channel stabilization, Construction EcoServices can provide the consulting experience and the manpower to ensure successful project stabilization.


  • Flexterra – High Performance-Flexible Growth Medium
  • ProGanics – Biotic Soil Media (BSM)
  • ProMatrix – Engineered Fiber Matrix™
  • Green Armor – For high-discharge waterways and steep slopes