Economics of Multi-Functional Design

Let’s Focus on the WHY not the WHAT

It’s obvious that green infrastructure offers a multitude of ecological benefits that developments should be taking advantage of. If this is true, then why is it so hard to get developers to use it? The reason is simple; we aren’t speaking their language. This session will dive deep into how to persuade your next developer or municipality to move towards a business model that encompasses green infrastructure by focusing more on why they should utilize it and focusing less on what it is.

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Presentation Topics:

  • The Golden Circle – Why? How? What?
  • Why: Low Impact Development (LID)?
  • How: Multi-functional Design
  • What: Deliverables: Performance verification and maintenance

Project Examples:

  • Birnamwood Drive, Harris County: lower cost per mile construction cost
  • Queenston Manor Apartments: two additional units = quicker ROI
  • Easton Commons: a simple but practical parking lot solution
  • Camellia: maximizing residential lot yield: LID approach with lessons learned

Why Construction EcoServices?


Turnkey, Cost-Effective Storm Water Solutions

We use innovative Best Management Practices (BMP) on the job sites on which we manage SWPPP compliance activities on a turnkey basis. Our objectives in selecting these products is to drive down the total cost of compliance by using systems which minimize maintenance burdens, raise compliance performance and do these things cost-effectively. Our OSHA 30 certified field personnel raise the bar on jobsite safety as well.

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100% Focus On Storm Water Management

Construction EcoServices is focused exclusively in the storm water marketplace. Our business units provide solutions involving turnkey compliance assurance services, engineering sub-consultancy and cutting-edge storm water management systems to all segments of the development, design and construction markets where those pursuits intersect with the rapidly evolving storm water regulations.

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Helping Our Customers Do It A Better Way

Developers, general contractors and subcontractors, engineers, architects, landscape architects, property owners and property management firms, as well as regulators, permitting and enforcement agencies rely on our expertise. Our broad experience, commitment to excellence and emphasis on innovation provide the foundation for their trust. We work hard to earn and to maintain that trust.

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