Porous / Permeable Pavers Brochure

Use of permeable open jointed paver systems is a recognized Best Management Practice by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), providing both pollution control and stormwater management. Extreme weather produces extreme rainfall. The result has been increased regulations as well as an increase in the size and expense of each property's necessary stormwater management system. Permeable open jointed paver systems help retain stormwater on site, where the water falls, thereby allowing property owners to achieve pre-development stormwater goals with smaller capacity stormwater systems. Further, permeable open jointed pavers have the quickest return on investment and the lowest cost of ownership of any permeable pavement system. For these reasons, permeable open jointed pavers are a key component to Construction EcoServices stormwater solutions.

Date: June 24, 2019| Name: PowerBLOCK| Document Type: Porous / Permeable Paving| Document Category: Permanent BMPs / Stormwater Systems Solutions / LID| Size: 3.6 MB