You’ve Received a Re-Permit Notice, What Next?

You’ve Received a Re-Permit Notice, What Next? Learn what to do next if you have received a Notice of Stormwater Quality Requirements for your property. Harris County and the City of Houston each have a set of regulations regarding the post-construction stormwater management obligations that must be met by property owners. 1) Determine if your property is in permitable condition 2) Issues that must be resolved prior to re-permit 3) Professional Engineer Certification 4) How to avoid the cost of non-compliance With an understanding of your requirements as a property owner or manager, this guide will go a long way towards insuring your property is compliant with stormwater quality regulations.

Date: June 28, 2019| Document Type: General SWQM| Document Category: Permanent BMPs / Stormwater Systems Solutions / LID / SWQM| Size: 1.4 MB