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Performance Questions

The most common reason revegetation projects fail is due to poor soils that lack the components necessary to adequately promote seed germination and sustainable plant growth. ProGanics DUAL contains the same patented ingredients as ProGanics Biotic Soil Media. The Biotic Soil Media ignites the soil-building nutrient cycle necessary to improve soil health for sustainable vegetation establishment and your projects’ success.

ProGanics DUAL is manufactured by Profile® Products, the world leader in hydraulic erosion control technology and maker of Flexterra® High Performance-Flexible Growth Media™ (HP-FGM™). DUAL can deliver erosion control protection equal to a Bonded Fiber Matrix (BFM) product when applied at the proper application rate.

Offering high loading rates and the highest water-holding capacity and erosion control effectiveness of all biotic soil products, ProGanics DUAL reduces total number of tank loads and application time without sacrificing results. With a consolidated, one-step application, the larger the site, the more time and money saved. You can estimate these savings using the new ProGanics DUAL calculator

ProGanics DUAL is not the best solution for sites with slopes steeper than 2H:1V, where higher performing HECPs may be needed, or where substrates are extremely degraded or unsuitable for vegetation establishment. In those cases, ProGanics BSM and a separate erosion control product may be the best option.

ProGanics DUAL costs less than the combined cost of a BSM and an erosion control product.

Application Rate Questions

Yes. Profile Products always recommends conducting a soil test to identify a broad range of potential soil imbalances, deficiencies and/or toxicities, and help you sell additional amendments necessary for optimum results. We believe in soil testing so strongly that we offer free evaluations through (NOTE: While the soil analysis will automatically provide application rate recommendations for ProGanics BSM if warranted, a separate recommendation from Profile Technical Services will be needed for ProGanics DUAL.) You can also find more information here:

If a soil test is not possible, ProGanics DUAL should be applied at a minimum rate of 5,500 lb/ac (6,160 kg/ha) dependent on slope conditions as an “assurance policy” against unknown and potentially adverse soil conditions.

Most soil amendments such as fertilizers, growth stimulants and soil neutralizers can be tank mixed with ProGanics DUAL as would be done with other hydraulic mulches. With any product containing biological components, however, there may be some limitations to what can be mixed together. Be sure to read and comply with all manufacturers’ instructions.

A consultation is not required; however, Profile Products would be pleased to provide free, on-site consultation.

ProGanics DUAL costs less than the combined cost of a BSM and an erosion control product.

ProGanics DUAL can be loaded at up to 75 pounds (34 kilograms) per 100 gallons (379 liters) of water using machines with mechanical agitation and either gear or centrifugal pumps.

Based on soil conditions and/or slope gradient, ProGanics DUAL is applied at rates ranging from 4,000 pounds per acre (4,480 kilograms per hectare) and 6,500 pounds per acre (7,290 kilograms per hectare) per the following table:



Project Questions

ProGanics DUAL is best for sites with poor soil conditions, including low organic matter content; low to moderate erosion potential (slopes up to 2H:1V); limited access where multiple applications add significant cost; and larger projects where efficiency is paramount for contractors to gain more profit.

Yes. ProGanics DUAL can ameliorate poor soil and provide erosion control for applicable project sites in climates all around the world.

Profile Products is committed to providing sustainable, environmentally friendly products for our customers. ProGanics DUAL is produced using sustainable materials like recycled bark and wood and is biodegradable, non-toxic and safe for even the most sensitive environments. By using ProGanics DUAL instead of a plastic-netted erosion control blanket, you are not only preventing the introduction of plastic and metal into the environment, but are also reducing waste and productively returning it to the natural environment.