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If you and your team would like to learn more about any of the wide variety of products and services we offer, schedule a LOUNGE & LEARN today. We can discuss with your team anything from our turnkey compliance services during construction activity to our post-construction stormwater management systems; or our stormwater quality treatment to our erosion and sediment control solutions. Just let us know what you would like to talk about. Here are a few common LOUNGE & LEARN topics we discuss with our clients:

  • Cost-Effective Low Impact Development
  • Sustainable Site Design Solutions
  • Underground Detention Options
  • Rainwater Harvesting Answers
  • Erosion Control Issues & Answers
  • Traditional SWQ Treatment Systems
  • High Performance Bioretention & Biofiltration
  • SWQMP or SWPPP Documents & Compliance Services


headshot-anthony-circle-title-1Anthony works with civil engineers, landscape architects, architects, and municipalities all across Texas, assisting in designing and implementing Low Impact Development (LID), and sustainable site design for stormwater management, storm water quality, and rain water harvesting using “next generation” solutions. The LID paradigm, also known as Green Infrastructure (GI) is predicated on capturing, treating and preserving stormwater where it hits the ground. Common LID strategies integrate green space, native landscaping and passive natural treatment that mimics nature. LID commercial and residential communities are more valuable, more attractive and more environmentally sustainable. LID is simple, less costly and more effective than traditional stormwater management.