Our Principles

The principles by which we operate
As a company we do our best to be transparent about what we think is important-partly to allow ourselves to be known and partly as a method of holding ourselves accountable. It’s in that spirit that we share these principles on which Construction EcoServices is founded.

Taking care of the customer is our most important job
We’re in the service business. That means that we’re here to serve. It’s critical that we work to understand our customers’ needs, anticipate them, and above all respond to them on a timely and professional basis. When you call, we’ll answer the phone. When we do a job, our primary concern will be on doing it right the first time, following up over time to insure that it stays right-and taking care of things right away if something goes wrong.

Creating a good place to work and enhancing the lives of our employees
Maintaining a safe work environment, providing training, offering excellent opportunities for advancement, recognizing achievement, paying good wages, leading by example, giving respect to those who earn it-and investing the energy required to hire right the first time, are the hallmarks of our human resources model. Good people are the most critical ingredient in any business, and we endeavor to make CES a place where good people want to work.

In serving our community, we serve ourselves
The fact that the work we do for our customers is helping to improve and sustain our environment gives us a great sense of satisfaction. We take pride in knowing that we assist our customers in playing a part in preserving the quality and sustainability of our nation’s water supply, protecting our community from flooding, helping sustain the ecosystems of our rivers, lakes and estuaries-and maintaining our ability to enjoy the recreational bounty offered by each of them. We’re grateful to have an opportunity to do our job, and we’ve made a commitment to return a percentage of our gross income annually to community-centric charities as our way of saying thanks.

If we keep our eyes on the creator, the right path will always be well lit
Whether it’s achieving the principles above on a day-to-day basis, deciding on the right way to address an obstacle, reacting to a crisis, or just plain figuring out how to do things the right way-following the guidance of the Creator is always the right path. He’s shown us the way. Our commitment to ourselves is to work hard to maintain the focus on Him that’s necessary to stay on the right path.