Centralized treatment options are the standard in stormwater quality management, but there are a number of different ways to accomplish this treatment model. Whether you use an in-line system and treat the entire flow or an off-line system and only treat the first flush has a lot to do with what standard of treatment you are trying to uphold and what your expectations of short term and long term costs are. Our approach at Construction EcoServices is to look at the site in its entirety and find out what design strategy best fits the end user. Questions like “How long do you anticipate owning the property” and “How many outfalls and inlets will the property have” are critical in determining what the best course of action is. Where a client, such as Halliburton, FMC Technologies or Phillips 66, might plan on owning a facility for over 10 years, an inline system might better fit their needs as maintenance intervals are longer and cost of ownership is less. If you are a retail developer that are looking to build and sell the property, an off line system might make more sense because the upfront construction costs are less. Either way, Construction EcoServices has the expertise and products to fit your client’s needs.

Our Centralized Treatment Products

Nutrient Separating Baffle Box® (NSBB™)

Advanced Stormwater Runoff Treatment System

Why Do We Recommend This Product?

“As a product specialist, I always want to use the most efficient and effective products, which is why I always use The Nutrient Separating Baffle Box® (NSBB™). They’re easy to install, maintain long-term, and are designed to maximize available site space without compromising performance.”

Eli Gonzalez
Stormwater Quality Product Specialist, Stormwater Systems

The Nutrient Separating Baffle Box® (NSBB™) is an advanced multi stage stormwater runoff treatment system. The patented screen system is designed to capture and store debris in a dry state to minimize nutrient leaching, allowing for easier maintenance. The triple chamber design enables a high level removal of TSS over a range of particle sizes and is effective in capturing both nutrients and hydrocarbons. A patented deflector system ensures no sediment scouring occurs during high flows, allowing for online installation without needing separate diversion structures. With the addition of a SkimBoss® MAX or Floating Skimmer, the NSBB™ can further amplify the effects of the already included Hydro-Variant Technology®, bolstering pollutant capture potential, detention time and balancing conveyance with flow rate. The NSBB™ is a widely accepted treatment solution among civil engineers, developers ​and municipalities.

  • Filtering is provided by the screen system basket, suspended above static water level, which has a capacity of several cubic yards depending on the model. The function of the screen basket is to capture gross solids like trash, foliage and debris.
  • Sediment separation is facilitated by three settling chambers with a capacity of several cubic yards each depending on the model. These chambers collect smaller sediments and particulate metals.
  • ​StormBooms™ attached to the influent side of the skimmer remove floating and emulsified hydrocarbons from the water.


  • Fits within existing easements
  • Retrofits existing watersheds
  • Patented screens maximize storage and prevent debris loss
  • Rainwater harvesting and wet or dry detention
  • Dry state storage separates debris from water and sediment
  • Water will not turn septic
  • Easy vacuum truck servicing
  • Full capture for trash TMDL’s


NSBB Sizing Chart

NSBB Model #Pipe SizeInterior WidthInterior LengthBaffle HeightInterior Height
2-4-604″ to 12″12″ to 15″2′4′24″5′
3-6-728″ to 18″18″ to 24″3′6′36″6′
4-8-8412″ to 18″18″ to 30″4′8′36″7′
5-10-8412″ to 30″30″ to 42″5′10′36″7′
6-12-8418″ to 36″36″ to 48″6′12′36″7′
8-12-8430″ to 48″48″ to 60″8′12′36″7′
8-14-10036″ to 54″48″ to 60″8′14′40″8′ 4″
10-14-9642″ to 60″60″ to 72″10′14′40″8′ 4″
10-16-12548″ to 60″60″ to 72″10′16′46″10′ 5″
12-20-13254″ to 72″12′20′48″11′